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Hi, my name is Marie-Claire and I’m the founder of Vellva. 

Vellva founder Marie-Claire Sheedy

Forever fascinated by my Italian Grandma Celia’s jewellery collection, Vellva was born in 2018 when I set up a website from my bedroom to sell hand-picked vintage jewellery inspired by the pieces I’d grown up loving. 

I was drawn to a combination of classic, timeless jewellery box staples and kitsch statement styles, with Italy - its culture, religion, architecture, colours, and design, as my constant source of inspiration.

From this starting point I began designing and hand-making my own jewellery to combine this aesthetic with high-quality materials, and to have full control of the process from initial idea to finished piece. 

 My mission is to design and create beautiful quality, long-lasting pieces of jewellery in unique designs that playfully reimagine classic vintage jewellery.


A black and white photo of a woman wearing a checked shirt and necklace in the 1950s
Grandma Celia in the 1950s 

Discover my jewellery here and read more about the Vellva story here


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